Ages of engineering expertise

My great-grandfather Francesco Antonio Marchetti began developing and manufacturing innovative, functional mechanical engineering solutions back in 1929, supplying industries ranging from firefighting (patents and production of wheeled fire extinguishers and bilge pumps, namely for the navy) to road building (bitumen sprayers and asphalt concrete machinery for Loro & Parisini in Milan).

After WW II, the company designed and sold the very successfull “Stabil”, an innovative trailer for motor scooters and motorcycles followed shortly after by the “Tender”, a trailer for cars.
Business boomed in the 1970s when my grandfather and father started manufacturing carton sealers.
They passed down to me all their years of experience and values, such as respecting customers and being passionate about what I do. That’s why I’m so proud of my family’s long history of industrial success.

PACBRO is now Marchetti Packaging
From today Pacbro becomes Marchetti Packaging S.r.l. and the Elena Marchetti™ brand officially joins the Cyklop Group. This is an important evolution, which can be considered as “natural” under many points of view.
Our journeys, both started at the beginning of the last century, have spontaneously crossed our path thanks to the pioneering spirit that has always guided both businesses. We joined to meet our customers’ expectations and satisfy any of their packaging needs: from packing to industrial automation of machines and processes. We have started to walk together on this path in a period of global uncertainty but fully convinced that our skills, combined with each other, can become a cornerstone in the sector and generate new opportunities.
We therefore look with confidence and determination to a profitable and positive future.


“ We tackle every challenge with positivity and passion.

We believe in what we are able to do, fuelled by our experience and vision of the future.

That’s why you find us wherever boxes must be sealed ”.

Elena Marchetti

Today and tomorrow

With a vast experience, expertise and creativity, our team designs, builds and assembles our heavy duty, reliable and durable machines entirely in Italy which are distributed worldwide. Our corporate vision is rooted in a respect for the environment which drives us to explore new technologies and sustainable solutions.

Our best investment? Driven, passionate, talented people.



Nonstop, fast-paced technological progress and demanding customer requests are drivers for new solutions and continuous innovation.



Our S&M team works with the customer every step of the way before and after sale so we can always successfully provide the right machines for our customers specific needs or the best bespoke solution.

Our distributors are industry specialists that share our values.



Elena Marchetti machines are 100% Made in Italy. Heavy duty, reliable and durable. Our CE-certified machines are assembled with premium-quality components made by Europe’s leading brands. The prompt after-sale service delivered by our engineering department includes everything from technical support to accessories and spare parts.